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<> cleaner burning
<> longer burning
<> less hassle
<> easy handling
<> easy storage
<> eco-friendly
<> locally made
<> no additives
Wittmont Wombalogs Logo - Firewood Briquettes, Perth, WA
Firewood Briquettes
made locally from compressed sawdust
What are Womabalogs?
Fire briquettes made from compressed sawdust. Use them in your wood burning fireplace, barbecue or pizza oven.
How do I use them?
Add to a normal burning fire instead of logs.
Why Wombalogs?
Better burning: Wombalogs burn longer and cleaner than wood.


Convenience: no chopping, stacking or storing bulky, messy wood. Simply stack your easy carry boxes in a convenient, dry location.

Less mess: both before and after use no bark or splinters and almost no ash.

Eco-friendly: the sawdust used to make Wombalogs is a byproduct of energy-efficient door and window manufacture. They burn cleanly and efficiently without producing excessive smoke because the sawdust is completely dry. Wombalog packaging is produced from unbleached materials.

Safe: they contain no chemicals or additives.

WA Owned and Operated: Wombalogs are locally made.

available from:
Wittmont Logo
58 Bonner Drive
Malaga WA 6090
Ph: 9248 2011 Fax: 9248 1079
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