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Q: Can I buy off the shelf from you?

A: Other than our factory seconds, all Wittmont joinery is custom-made to your specifications right from the start.

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Q: How long does it take from my giving the Ďgo aheadí Ďtil frames are ready for installation?

A: As all of Wittmontís joinery is produced locally and on demand, the length of time required varies depending on the complexity and size of the order. Our staff will be able to advise you of the timeframe to expect for your order.

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Q: How do I know whether I need a draining sill on my inward-opening doorset?

A: If the doorset is exposed to extreme weather or only has a shallow verandah or eaves, a draining sill is recommended.

Energy Ratings PDF Print E-mail

Q: Iím an architect looking to improve the energy rating of my design. Can I use timber joinery to improve my rating?

A: Absolutely! Timber is a much better option than aluminium for retaining heat/cool inside the home. In addition, there are many glass options which will further improve ratings.

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Q: Iím not sure what I want for my house. Do you have a showroom with most of your products on display and someone I can speak to about what I need?

A: Yes! Our factory and showroom are in Malaga. (Where?)

Opening Direction PDF Print E-mail

Q: How do I know whether my doors open in or out?

A: When discussing joinery, imagine that you are looking at the door or window from the outside of the building.

Measuring Up PDF Print E-mail

Q: I have an existing house but Iím not sure of my measurements, will someone come out and site measure for me?

A: We request that you provide us with measurements for quoting purposes. However, before manufacture has commenced, we will come to site and re-measure for you.

Wittmont Logo - Fine Timber Doors and Windows, Perth, WA Wittmont, Continuing in the Tradition of Mapp Bros

call the Wittmont showroom for a quote or use our
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Wittmont, 58 Bonner Drive, Malaga, WA

visit our showroom to view our complete range of doors and windows

58 Bonner Drive (corner of Capital Road) Malaga, WA
our display home in South Fremantle is also available
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Wittmont Logo - Fine Timber Doors and Windows, Perth, WA Wittmont, Continuing in the Tradition of Mapp Bros

Wittmont Pty Ltd is a wholly WA owned & operated family business run by a husband and wife team since 2000. The business continues in the Mapp Bros tradition of fine timber joinery, founded in 1928. Read more...

we can be reached by phone: 08 9248 2011
fax: 08 9248 1079
email: service@wittmont.com.au
our factory-showroom is located at:
58 Bonner Drive Malaga 6090 WA

as part of Wittmont's commitment to ecologically sound business practices, all waste sawdust byproduct is collected and compressed into briquettes. These make for a clean burning, no mess alternative to firewood for fires and barbecues.
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